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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy on the website of Agência Digital Praia films  Consórcio on the internet ratifies the Institution's commitment to its guidelines, in particular, consistency, transparency and professionalism.

2. This document aims to clarify website users about the items of this policy, in particular, regarding the content of the records made, the treatment of the information collected and the use of cookies(1).

I- Content of records

When a user accesses the website of Agência Digital Praia films Consortium, the following information is recorded:

  • date and time of accesses;

  • visited pages;

  • browser type;

  • IP address(2);

  • action that the user tried to perform (downloading a document, for example) and whether it was successful; and

  • address of another website, if access to the website of Agência Digital Praia Films Consortium is verified through a link.

The following information regarding electronic messages can be recorded:

  • email;

  • username;

  • user location (city, state and country);

  • Subject;

  • message content; and

  • IP address.

II - Treatment of information ​ 

  1. The information, collected automatically by the Digital Praia Films Agency website or provided by the website user, is registered and stored in our databases, observing the necessary security, confidentiality and integrity standards.

  2. Personal or confidential information is handled by specialized and trained servers, in accordance with ethical, legal and moral precepts.

    The provision of this information to third parties or its use for purposes other than those for which it was collected will only occur upon legal or judicial determination.

    Servers who, for any reason, misuse this information are subject to legal and disciplinary penalties and sanctions.

    With regard to the user's electronic address (e-mail), this Institution may send messages whenever it deems appropriate.

III - Use of cookies

The use of cookies by the Digital Praia Films Agency website aims to facilitate navigation and adapt the website to user preferences. This use is not intended to monitor or identify user actions. It is important to point out that the user can, at any time, use the features of their browser to block the installation of cookies or to inform when they are activated, without prejudice to the navigation of the site.


3. Agência Digital Praia Films is not responsible for the information available on external sites indicated through links and for the respective privacy policies, in particular, regarding the use of cookies.

4. Companies, organizations and institutions hired to perform services related to Agência Digital Praia films ' website must observe our Privacy Policy and comply with it.

5. Doubts regarding our Privacy Policy can be forwarded to the Public Assistance Service through Fale nos.


1 - Small information file recorded on the users' computer that can, eventually, be used to identify the actions performed.
2 - Internet Protocol - number that is automatically associated with the computer whenever a user connects to the internet.

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